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This Halloween...

Download our worksheets and learn with us!

We decided to share with the world the way we teach. 

This Halloween enjoy our videos made with lots of love and practice grammar with our tecahers! 

Este Halloween...
Descárgate nuestros cuadernos y aprende con nosotros!

More than 200 students are already learning with us!


Level 1

Personal pronouns.


Present continuous.

¨Wh¨ questions.



Level 2


Modal verbs: ¨Could¨. 

Present simple: Common mistakes.

Possessive adjectives.

Past simple and Past continuous. 


Level 3

Past tenses: Simple and Continuous.

Present tenses: Simple and Continuous.

Future tenses: Be going and Will

Story telling. 

Pronouns. Reflexive, object, and subject. 

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